Joint effort between solid partners

Starting next month, Datasim Solutions and Internet On Demand (part of Keepgo Europe) will offer existing and new customers the option to opt for a static/public IP address on T-Mobile subscriptions.


Datasim Solutions and Internet On Demand and, providers of various national/international/roaming connectivity solutions, have teamed up and built the infrastructure to offer partners with T-Mobile data SIM cards the option of static/public IP simply by using a private APN.


Datasim Solutions provides the technical infrastructure by connecting to T-Mobile’s network. Mike Wassenaar, Operational Director of Datasim Solutions: “Thanks to our state-of-the-art SaaS solution, we already provide next-gen security for all our customers’ internet traffic. Together with Internet On Demand, we now also offer endless possibilities in the field of network technologies and managed services, all of which are fully redundant.”


Internet On Demand supplies the online management platform for the management of T-Mobile SIM cards, in addition to all other data SIM cards that both companies offer. Jacques de Waal, General Manager of Internet On Demand: “We were the only one in the market to offer our partners the possibility to manage T-Mobile data SIM cards in real time via our SIM management platform. By offering our private APN, partners can now also choose to provide their existing SIM cards with a public static IP, public dynamic IP, or private dynamic IP with CG-NAT, without having to switch SIMs. This is the first of a series of innovative services that we will be offering in the near future in collaboration with Datasim Solutions.”


Peter Gijzenberg, Head of Partner Sales at T-Mobile Netherlands: “As a connectivity specialist, we aim to enable entrepreneurs and our partners to continue to discover and develop. The collaboration with our partners Datasim Solutions and Internet on Demand is a very good example of this with a smart and innovative solution for entrepreneurs on the one and only Unlimited Network in the Netherlands.”


About Datasim Solutions and Internet on Demand


At Datasim Solutions, volumes, customization and national borders are no limitation. Years of experience and a simple fee structure help develop solutions that create short-term growth and long-term sustainability for the customers of this young, but fast-growing organization.


Internet On Demand has been active since 2017 as a provider of unlimited 4G data SIM cards and FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) solutions and has built up a strong position in the market over the years. The acquisition by Keepgo Europe in 2022 was an important step in realizing the growth ambitions.

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