Travel & tourism

Internet everywhere you travel. A true roaming SIM card that gives access to all major networks in the EU.

Datasim Solutions understands that travelers need flexible roaming options. Purchasing a SIM card in every country you travel to may be a cheaper option but takes time that could be better spent exploring. Our roaming SIM cards give you access to live data stats online, along with excellent connectivity to multiple operators in most countries.

eSIM for immediate connectivity

Have an eSIM compatible phone or device? We will email you an eSIM for immediate connectivity.

Connect to more networks

SIM cards that are capable of connecting to multiple network operators in almost every country.

Automatic connection

Configure settings once, connect to all major networks automatically.

Use cases

With 4G connectivity, travel companies can offer virtual tours of popular destinations, allowing potential customers to explore the location before booking a trip. The 4G connectivity enables high-quality streaming of video and images, providing a realistic and immersive experience.

Travel companies can offer on-demand services through mobile apps that use 4G connectivity. For example, travelers can use the app to request a taxi, book a restaurant reservation, or buy tickets for a local attraction.

We can also enable location-based services that provide personalized recommendations to travelers based on their location and preferences.

Our Sim Cards can enhance the travel experience for customers by providing faster, more efficient, and personalized services. Travel companies can leverage 4G technology to offer a wide range of innovative services to the needs of modern travelers.