Professional event equipment with bundled or pay per GB data.

Stream data

We understand that companies providing broadcasting and streaming require a flexible approach. That means IoT data at big data rates, no long contracts, zero speed throttling and the ability to connect to multiple network operators everywhere you need it.

Use cases

Live Events: used for live event broadcasting, such as sports events, concerts, and conferences. With a high-speed 4G cellular network, the system can transmit live video feeds to remote viewers in real-time, providing a seamless viewing experience. Same counts for news reporting, allowing journalists and news organizations to quickly and easily transmit live video feeds and updates.  

Remote Production: used for remote production of television shows and movies, allowing producers to remotely monitor and control filming and post-production processes.

Education and Training: used for online education and training, providing high-quality video feeds and real-time interaction with instructors and trainers.

Advertising and Marketing: used for advertising and marketing, allowing companies to reach remote viewers with high-quality video ads and product demos.

Overall, our 4G broadcast and streaming SIM Card offers a high-speed and reliable solution for live event broadcasting, news reporting, remote production, education and training, advertising and marketing, and other applications that require high-quality video feeds and real-time interaction with remote viewers.