Asset tracking

Whether you work in manufacturing, security, health, or logistics

For your valuable mobile assets such as machinery, pallets, containers or even electric vehicles, it is essential to track & monitor them in order to reduce loss. Only then can you optimize your costs and increase your efficiency while gaining peace of mind that your freight is safe and secure during its journey.

We understand the importance for you to get real-time insight into the location of your freight, containers, and other valuable properties. You can use this information to optimize the logistics process or to insure your cargo whatever your exact application is. With our solutions, you realize real-time insight. Centralized. Wherever in the world.

Low latency

Local breakout points means that your signal travels less distance, increasing speed and productivity.

Live usage online

Access an online portal that gives an overview of all cards and live data consumption on your account.

Use cases

Fleet management: companies can monitor driver behavior, fuel consumption, and vehicle maintenance needs, enabling them to optimize their fleet operations and reduce costs.

Inventory management: companies can monitor the status of their inventory, such as temperature, humidity, or vibration, and receive alerts if any of these factors fall outside of acceptable ranges.

Equipment tracking: companies can monitor the performance of their equipment, receive alerts if any equipment is malfunctioning, and schedule maintenance and repairs as needed.

Supply chain management: companies can monitor the location and status of their shipments, receive alerts if any shipments are delayed or lost, and optimize their logistics operations to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Overall, our SIM Cards can play a crucial role in asset tracking by providing real-time location, status, and condition data. By leveraging 4G connectivity, companies can improve their asset management, optimize their operations, and reduce costs while also enhancing their overall security and safety.