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Odido Unlimited NL

Best tested network in The Netherlands
Static public IP available 
SIM-only 5G
Unlimited data
No mandatory bundles
Flexible contracts

Global Wireless Access

Global roaming

Our global roaming SIM Card solution offers an efficient and effective way of managing your data and ensure uninterrupted communication all over the world.

Local Unlimited

While a global roaming solution is the perfect choice, sometimes there is a country-specific need. Local data sims per country can offer big data bundles at a lower cost.

Combined roaming

Where we offer a wide variety of roaming and local solutions, combining those two can even bring you the best of both worlds. With the right hardware this could be your solution.

A glimpse of our capabilities

Datasim Solutions was founded by a group of telecom professionals who saw a need for fully managed and wireless global connectivity for both high and low volumes as many companies struggled to source global connectivity directly from the major carriers due to high costs and even higher commitments.

  • Global roaming
  • Local roaming
  • Combined roaming
  • Backup connectivity

All our SIM Cards are 5G ready when available in a country. 5G offers much lower latency and it enables faster, more reliable and more secure connectivity, with the potential to enable a wide range of new applications and services for our Partners.

Our fully managed Europe SIM Card offers a multi-carrier solution in every country.

For IoT management you need the right platform to keep your devices and costs under control. Cisco Jasper Wireless is the global standard trusted by most service providers, covering 82 countries over 6 continents.

Being always online is essential for your business. That’s why all our SIM cards support permanent roaming.

We believe that by being your innovative partner, where we share ideas, knowledge and technology, will automatically generate new and remarkable solutions

We offer PAYG pricing or standard pooled data bundles. If you are looking for a specific need, we provide customization at both high and low volumes

Setting up automation rules within our platform ensures that you are notified when something goes out of sync

In- and outbound traffic will be routed trough our next-gen core network which applies a secured firewall to keep our standards high

Roaming solutions can sometimes be annoying if you are looking for a specific solution in a country. Local break out at network level offers the solution.

All our services are API ready so connect or integrate your own platform easily through a REST API integration. All our API documentation is available on request.

short time to market

Increase sales

We understand that success in today’s fast-paced world favors developments that adapt, innovate and execute quickly. That is why we prioritize speed and flexibility in our approach to bringing potential solutions to market.

Scalable at ease

Scale effortlessly

Our products are designed with scalability in mind, empowering your business to grow without any constraints. From the start, we leverage innovative technologies to ensure our solutions scale effortlessly with your changing needs and demands.

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