We give you complete control of your SIMs with real-time analytics, advanced reporting, and enhanced security. We have as goal to create simple- and secure connectivity that drives short term growth and long-term sustainability.

Our experience and our simple tariff structure helps us creating the solution which is right for you and your business. We help our partners find new revenue streams, faster GTM, and offer new value-added services with customized solutions.


A Challenger brand is categorized by a mindset that push business ambitions to its boundaries with the intention to bring change to an industry.


Disruptive innovations creates new markets. Mostly by entering at the entrance of an existing market. Eventually it displaces established market-leading companies.


Stay cool when plans change. Willing to learn new ways to solve issues. All with the practical competence to meet the demands of its customers.


2 different models that enables us to deliver customized services


This option seems a bit more expensive at first glance, but is often much more interesting if you look at it from a commercial point of view as you only have to pay for what you effectively used the previous month.  On top of that, you have the option to package the product yourself to build your own bundles for your customers. In that way you will be the supplier who can offer tailormade propositions.

Pooled bundles

We offer standardized data bundles but also provide customization on request. A pooled or shared plan/bundle is a model where the consumption of each SIM constitutes a part of a bigger pooled plan, shared between all the SIMs in that pool. E.g. Each new SIM added to the pool brings more data to the total pool.

One Single Agreement

Go to market faster with just one provider

  • High bandwidth mobile multi-network connectivity
  • Virtualized infrastructure with geo-located Points of Presence (POP)
  • Low latency and optimized data speeds
  • Cloud-based management and extensive APIs
  • IoT SIM cards with 4G coverage in Europe on multiple networks
  • Redundant and reliable

Cisco Jasper Wireless IoT portal

Cisco Jasper is key when it comes to control and manage your SIMs. IoT should make you efficient. However, connecting an army of cellular devices can be manual, costly, and reactive. Cisco IoT Control Center manages the connectivity of all your IoT SIMs in one Global SaaS solution. This platform is the global standard trusted by most service providers, covering 82 countries over 6 continents. Flexible configurations such as zones and multi-party billing help you evolve your business with your markets.

IoT is disrupting the physical world and creating new use cases

Creating new revenue streams
Optimizing operations, lowering costs
Enhancing customer experience
Answering the regulatory demand


Asset Tracking

Charging stations



Temporary internet

4G/5G Back-up

Payment terminals


Simplify IoT with a Single eSIM

Scalable opportunities to optimize IoT businesses and serve your enterprise customers across all major industry applications.

Securely connect your customer’s devices to local networks throughout Europe with no physical SIM card required. The eSIMs are programmable over the air, which allows you to support current demands by seamlessly transitioning between various subscriptions in real-time.

IoT technology transforms whole industries by providing businesses with insights previously unavailable to them. IoT has made it possible to connect any machine, asset, or item to the internet. Wirelessly transferring data despite great distances and without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.



Because our data centers are located at strategic locations, it is possible to have all the traffic delivered wherever you want:

  • Directly at all public cloud providers (including Azure, AWS, GCP, OCI)
  • At your central location via fiber optic connection or xDSL
  • Directly on the Internet. If you choose to only generate traffic to the internet, this can of course be taken care of.

Security as a Service

Because of our partnership with Zscaler we can apply next-gen security to all your traffic to the Internet. This includes Advanced Cloud Sandbox, URL Filtering, Next-Gen Cloud Firewall, SSL inspection and Threat Prevention.

It is also possible to activate the Zero Trust module. This allows you to hide all your applications from the internet and replace the traditional VPN. Nothing is visible to the internet anymore, everything is private. Optimal security guaranteed!

Private APN

Basically all SIMs connect to a so-called private APN. It is completely separated from the regular commercial networks. Because this APN is private, all AVG guidelines can be followed.

IP options

All sims are provided with a fixed private IP address. In this way you always know which SIM card has which IP address. Because fixed Private IPs are used, a fixed public IP can also be placed on this if desired.

Partner Up with Datasim Solutions!

We want to focus on partnership and believe that we are stronger together. By being partners we all have an interest and a responsibility of bringing value into our business. So, partner up and accelerate your growth and revenue with Datasim Solutions. We deliver High- & Low volume data services to partners who want to differentiate themselves.


A partnership for us is not just a collaboration, but an investment in the development of future IoT solutions. We are committed to build a strong and powerful relation.


We want to be your innovative partner, where sharing ideas, knowledge and technology will generate new and remarkable IoT solutions to help solve our customers pains.


Together we bring our ideas to life! We want to act and transform our ideas to effective IoT solutions that empowers our customers to make sustainable choices.


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