Global managed

For intensive- and light usage

Our roaming SIM Card distinguishes itself through the security services we offer. But just as important is the very competitive price, multiple networks in all countries and of course our control platform. We provide near real-time insights specified in all countries.

In today’s interconnected world, staying online has become increasingly important. Our global roaming SIM Card solution offers an efficient and effective way of managing your data and ensure uninterrupted communication all over the world.

Key features

  • Suitable for both low and high usage
  • Seamless global connectivity
  • Cost savings by creating bundles or templates per roaming zone
  • Flexibility by automation rules per datapool or per SIM Card
  • Wide coverage throughout the globe
  • Enhanced security with Security-as-a-Service on our sims

Pay per use

  • Only pay for the actual usage done in the previous month.
  • Design the product yourself to create your own bundles for your customers.

Pooled Bundles

  • Standardized high volume data bundles
  • Or specifically customized bundles on your request

Our SIM Cards

  • High bandwidth mobile multi-network connectivity
  • Virtualized infrastructure with geo-located Points of Presence (POP)
  • Low latency and optimized data speeds
  • Cloud-based management and extensive APIs
  • IoT SIM cards with 4G coverage on multiple networks
  • Redundant and reliable
  • Fully Managed Solution
  • Private APN
  • Fixed IP
  • SaaS

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