Mobile public wifi

Temporary internet and provide public wifi

Datasim Solutions understands that providing internet connectivity whilst in-transit or for events is now an expected “standard” feature. Reduce the complexity of provisioning multiple SIM cards for each country and utilize our roaming IoT cards that require a single configuration for everywhere you are.

4G-powered mobile public Wifi can be installed on buses, trains, and other public transportation vehicles, providing passengers with access to high-speed Internet while they travel. Passengers can use their devices to work, stream videos, or browse the web, improving their overall travel experience.

In addition to providing a better experience for passengers, 4G mobile public Wi-Fi can also help transportation providers gather data about their ridership. By analyzing how passengers use the Wi-Fi network, providers can gain insights into rider behavior and preferences, which can help them improve the quality of their service. For example, if they notice that many passengers are using the Wi-Fi to stream movies, they may consider adding more entertainment options on their vehicles.

Low latency

local breakout points allow you to connect and collaborate faster.

Live usage online

access our online portal that gives an overview of all SIM cards and live data consumption on your account.

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