Autonomous vehicles

Connectivity for self-driving cars

Autonomous vehicles or even self-driving cars demand the need for real-time communication and telemetry.

Datasim Solutions understands that the autonomous vehicle sector requires a flexible approach. Some devices require lower data use for telemetry only, and others require big data when using real-time communications and video. We can provide both pay-per-GB at big data prices, and larger plans for use on an unlimited number of cards. Whatever your requirement, we can provide a flexible solution that suits the way you work.

One possible use case for 4G self-driving vehicles is in ride-sharing services. With 4G connectivity, self-driving vehicles can communicate with the cloud and other vehicles in real-time, allowing for faster and more efficient routing and coordination.

For example, imagine a ride-sharing service that uses 4G self-driving vehicles. A user requests a ride through a mobile app, and the service dispatches a nearby self-driving car to pick them up. The car uses real-time traffic data and GPS to find the fastest route to the user’s destination, while also communicating with other self-driving cars on the road to avoid congestion and accidents.

The passenger can then sit back and relax in the car, while the self-driving system takes care of the driving. The 4G connectivity enables the car to maintain a constant connection to the cloud, which can provide real-time updates on traffic, weather, and other important information that the car can use to adjust its driving strategy.

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