Marine offshore internet for boats, yachts, tankers, oil rigs & cruise ships

Fastest marine internet.
Zero speed throttling.

Professional marine internet with exceptional coverage. Connect to all major networks and experience local latency with our SIM cards. Experience the fastest internet at sea.

Datasim Solutions understands that the maritime sector requires a flexible approach. That means no long contracts, zero speed throttling, big data and the ability to connect to multiple network operators everywhere you travel.

Low latency

local breakout points allow you to connect and collaborate faster.

Live usage online

access our online portal that gives an overview of all SIM cards and live data consumption on your account.

Use cases

Vessel Monitoring: Our SIM Card is used for real-time vessel monitoring, allowing ship owners and operators to track the location, speed, and condition of their vessels at all times. With the ability to transmit data and video feeds to a central monitoring station, providing valuable insights into vessel performance and safety.

Safety and Security: Our SIM Card is used to enhance safety and security on board. With real-time monitoring and video feeds, crew members can quickly detect and respond to threats.

Crew Welfare: Our SIM Card is used to enhance the welfare of crew members on board of ships. With 4G connectivity, crew members can stay connected to their families and friends. .

Remote Inspection: Our SIM Card is used for remote inspection of ships and offshore structures, allowing surveyors and inspectors to remotely access and inspect areas that are difficult or dangerous to reach. This can improve safety and reduce the need for physical inspections, saving time and costs.