Joint effort between solid partners

Starting next month, Datasim Solutions and Internet On Demand (part of Keepgo Europe) will offer existing and new customers the option to opt for a static/public IP address on T-Mobile subscriptions.   Datasim Solutions and Internet On Demand and, providers of various national/international/roaming connectivity solutions, have teamed up and built the infrastructure to offer partners […]

What about Starlink?

Established infrastructure: 4G networks have been widely deployed and have an established infrastructure, providing reliable connectivity in many areas. This infrastructure includes cell towers and equipment that have been optimized over time for efficient operation. Latency: Starlink experiences higher latency compared to 4G networks. Latency refers to the delay in data transfer between the source […]

This is us

Datasim Solutions was founded by a group op telecom professionals who saw a need for fully managed and wireless global connectivity. As many companies struggle to source global connectivity directly from the major carriers due to high costs and even higher commitments, we have estabalished partnerships with multiple carriers around the globe. We want to […]

New kid in town:
Datasim Solutions B.V.

Companies that rely on IoT services need mobile data connections that can handle very large volumes of data to unlock these services. These lines must also be extremely reliable and be able to roam abroad cheaply. The ‘ordinary’ business mobile data bundles from operators fall short in this respect. ITchannelPRO speaks with Datasim Solutions, which […]