Camera security

Our mobile solution for remote surveillance and security

We understand the necessity for remote surveillance of a property, a construction site or an outdoor event that is located in an area without reliable internet or power connectivity. With a built-in 4G cellular modem, the camera can transmit high-quality footage to a remote monitoring station over a cellular network. This allows security personnel to monitor the property and respond to any security breaches in real-time.

We provide reliable and secure connectivity to camera security systems, enabling organizations to monitor and protect their facilities and assets in real-time.

Low latency

Local breakout points means that your signal travels less distance, increasing speed and productivity.

Live usage online

Access an online portal that gives an overview of all cards and live data consumption on your account.

Use Cases

Remote monitoring: enable real-time remote monitoring of camera security systems, allowing security personnel to monitor multiple locations from a central location or on-the-go.

Mobile surveillance: our SIM cards allow camera security systems to be deployed in remote locations where traditional wired connectivity is not feasible. For example, 4G-enabled mobile surveillance systems can be installed on vehicles, trailers, or drones, providing real-time monitoring.

Event security: temporary camera security systems to monitor events such as concerts, sports games, and public gatherings to ensure the safety and security of attendees.

Critical infrastructure protection: 4G can provide a secure and reliable connection for camera security systems installed in critical infrastructure facilities such as power plants, airports, and water treatment plants.

Remote access: enables security personnel to remotely view footage, adjust camera settings, and receive alerts, reducing the need for on-site personnel and improving operational efficiency.

Overall, our SIM Cards can provide reliable and secure connectivity for camera security systems, enabling real-time monitoring, mobile surveillance, event security, critical infrastructure protection, and remote access. By leveraging the benefits of 4G technology, organizations can improve their security posture and protect their facilities and assets more effectively.